SouthEast LinuxFest 2014

SouthEast LinuxFest 2014, Videos: Nice recap by Jupiter Broadcasting (~@42 min):

SQLite as an Application File Format - Richard Hipp

Side notes:

  • SQLite Archiver
  • Fossil SCM - very similar to Git in concept (distributed VCS), but keeps everything in one SQLite file. Also, only a single binary that supports built-in wiki, issue tracking, and basic GUI functions. Ultimately it allows for some some nice semantics like: SELECT DISTINCT name FROM users; (rather than shell ginsu).

Slackware ragchew - David Cantrell


  • Still alive and an impressive South-East Linux sub-culture.
  • Fascinating history and interaction during the Linux “boom” (many trade shows!) with Sun, FreeBSD, and ultimately Walnut Creek CDROM (later BDSi, then Wind River Systems, then iXsystems)
  • Slackware was the first “live boot” (see also zipslack)
  • Version control regrets – would have been great to see the evolution, but it’s lost.
  • Suse - dev’s mail spool file made it onto a distro release (wild west of builds and Linux)
  • As a community we could do better… packaging is a great example (every distro has their own)
  • Hallway track: awesome history of tz database (note: this was needed for his own distro as glibc? stopped pulling in the latest for static builds, which required distros to manage the dependency) - “Time (and timezones) are both technical and political.”

PBI v10: Application Management Made Easy - Ken Moore


  • Wiki as data-source for rating system
  • runs pkgng through a series of shell scripts and parses the output for the GUI utilities (Qt)


  • Modified GRUB to support full disk encryption with ZFS
  • Life Preserver takes a snapshot prior to upgrade so that in the instance of a reboot and fail you can rollback.
  • Errata: Ken Moore is Kris Moore’s brother,

ZFS 101 - Dru Lavigne


  • GPG/CACert KeySigning
  • Ham radio meetup
  • Other talks
    • Making Pointers Point - Andrew Psaltis (Basic introduction to pointers in C and memory allocation)
    • Trolls arent the only threat under the bridge
    • DNSSEC
    • Hands on ARMs - Jason Plum
      • Open Blocks (4GB ethernet device)