Drush tips and tricks + make, dl, .info inject

Did some testing with drush tonight and have some tips:

http://drupal.org/project/drush project has nice pear install info: (note: may need to sudo)

pear channel-discover pear.drush.org
pear install drush/drush-5.0.0 # note: there may be some instability, but seems ok

(note: drush-5.0.0 has the --gitinfofile which injects version into .info)

Drush bash completion is probably a handy tool for sbox CLI: http://drupalcode.org/project/drush.git/blob/refs/heads/master:/drush.complete.sh namely: sourcing the bash completion script e.g.: . /usr/share/php/drush/drush.complete.sh (this provides tab completion for drush commands)

Drush5 provides an injection to the .info file; an example use of this would be: drush dl --package-handler=git_drupalorg --gitinfofile uuid (note: the --gitinfofile parameter)

(running .info inject by default) Using the drushrc.php (a file to specify specific specific drush options in a config file...) we can ensure that gitinfofile is enabled by default: $command_specific['pm-download'] = array('gitinfofile' => TRUE); (note: unfortunately drush_make doesn't respect the drush dl paradigm ... drush 5 this will be the preferred method) (note: to get drush to continue reading my rc file I had to do: drush -c ~/.drush/drushrc.php make example.make www) (tip: to see what is happening with the actual drush commands use debug/verbose: drush --debug --verbose -c ~/.drush/drushrc.php make example.make www)

We can also have specific drushrc.php settings per repo to be fancy: http://drupalcode.org/project/drush.git/blob/refs/heads/master:/examples/example.drushrc.php#l8 and/or http://drupalcode.org/project/drush.git/blob/refs/heads/master:/examples/example.drushrc.php#l332 (note: I believe this to be a nice way - and the drush recommended way - to organize our alias' and other drush specific settings.) (note: to accomplish this I believe minimal setup through Puppet could get things in place - this would be for deployed env. - everything else would have a Readme)

<(soon) deprecated>

For drush_make .info inject... (or running drush 4.5)

cd ~/.drush/drush_make/
# http://drupal.org/node/1302820
wget http://drupal.org/files/drush_make_inject_info.patch
patch -p1 < drush_make_inject_info.patch